AMARY Co., Ltd is fully accredited travel & tour operating company licensed by the Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Commerce, Cambodia. It is one of the oldest and leading travel & tourism One Stop Travel Organization established in 1997 with a vision to provide TOTAL TRAVEL SERVICES to the people of Cambodia and to the rest of the clients from the world.  It is providing a variety of services, which are being looked after by qualified staff, highly competence to provide personalized services concerning the client’s travel and tour requirements within the country and abroad. We offer travel and tour packages and arrange customized trips covering regional flights, transfers, hotel bookings, tours and car rental arrangements. 

AMARY Co., Ltd is an International Air Transport Association (IATA) Accredited Agent and also an active member of CATA (Cambodia Association of Travel Agents).  Being an IATA accreted Travel Agent; Amary is currently having privileges over large volume of ticket stocks and can generate tickets worldwide from its in-house IATA Equipped-Ticket Generated Machine installed at the AMARY main office, and is able to issue tickets on behalf of more than 40 Airlines.

AMARY Co., Ltd from a General Airlines Sales Agent in 1997, Amary has transformed itself very quickly, in recognizing its fast growing with real profession in travel business, to be fully accredited IATA Agent and Today, Amary is part of Carlson Wagonlit Travel-CWT’s global travel network (pls. visit for more information).

AMARY Co., Ltd can bring the competence and knowledge needed to meet and exceed customer’s travel goals. As part of the CWT’s global travel network, Agencies in Cambodia will benefit from the corporate local programme management, enhanced reporting available in all travel transactions, and customer-driven service delivery. Additionally Amary’s capabilities streamline traveller and transaction services, resulting in reduced delivery costs and improved productivity.

Leveraging principles of effective travel management, Amary will design and implement tailor-made solutions to address Client’s own needs, objectives and challenges. To optimise traveler convenience while ensuring travel policy compliance, Amary already offers a larger range of products and services which encourage travel management analysis and opportunity assessment.

AMARY Co., Ltd is excellent profile and reputation in Cambodia has been honored through our high working standard, services and staff with multi-language speaking personnel.  The Office is fully equipped with modern infrastructure to meet the complete travel solutions nationally and internationally.  It has built excellent relations with all the major Airlines and Hotels, which helps facilitating in confirming all travel reservations, ticketing, hotel reservations, tour services, transportation etc.

AMARY Co., Ltd is capable of dealing with all types of travel, not only emergency medical evacuation but also unique travel. Amary’s long years of service to the United Nations, and other local and international organizations is well prepared for any kind of travel.   We are ully designed to provide travel related information and make travel planning easier, secure and cost effective.  We have provided largest sales to United Nations Agencies and as well as to the international NGOs / Secretariats, and to other local travel agents in Cambodia. Currently, we are taking care of more than 60 client’s accounts.

AMARY Co., Ltd is liaison Offices are located in BangkokVietnam and Laos. Its operating Offices are located in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap-Angkor. Through our excellent services profile and recognitions, we have so far achieved excellent credits from local and international organizations, companies, government ministries, embassies, and particularly the United Nations Organizations.

Innovative tour programs and attractive tour packages have been set up to meet preferences and requirement. Our tourists shall enjoy the most pleasurable and memorable destinations with our tour itineraries of the world largest Heritage Temple ANGKOR WAT and CAMBODIA. We offer sightseeing tours for Angkor Wat and Phnom Penh, as well as other destinations in Cambodia, with different options to avail our tourists the best chance of choice. Let’s Amary handle and take care of your visit and experience a complete service package of our tour arrangements. Our services include worldwide ticket bookings and confirmations, all types of accommodation, transport and cargo services.  Your memorable visit, your pleasurable time and all   your harmonious tour environments are of our top goal and we are committed to provide you with all your travel needs.