236,800 sq km. Population : 5 millions. Capital: Vientiane. The temples, monasteries and French villas of Vientiane and Luang Prabang set the scene in this timeless land. Except for lowlands along the Mekong river, where most of the people live, and three sparsely populated plateaus, the terrain is mountainous and thickly forested. From the fertile lowlands of the Mekong River valley to the rugged Anamite highland, travelers who have mad it to Laos tend to agree that this country is the highlight of South – East Asia.


Approximately Kip 10,500 to 1.00 US Dollar. Travel cheques are generally only accepted in major cities some shops and big restaurants. Best to use US dolars. 


The official language of Lao PDR is Lao. It is spoken in different parts of the country The Vientiane dialect is understood throughout the country. In spite of the colonial past, French remains the second official language. English is in common use among business sectors and young generations.

Customs and formalities

The regulations are now relaxed for travelers arriving by air at Wattay airport / Vientiane. Passengers should have completed immigration and customs declaration form during the flights and must submit these on arrival.

Laos has international airport 

Vientiane / Wattey airport, Luang Brabang /  Luang Brabang airport. 

  • Overland
    • Other ways to get into Laos is by land :
      • From Thailand / Nongkhai, Chiangkhong,
      • Mukdahan, Ubol Rachathani;
      • China / Yunan,
      • Vietnam / Lao Bao (Quang Tri), Cau Treo (Vinh)
  • Tourist can pass the border gate at the following entry points which can also be applied for visa on arrival cost US$30.00 per person.

Health requirement

No vaccinations are presently required. If traveling to remote or border areas, travelers should check with their doctor or travel immunization clinic regarding the advisability of inoculation against Typhoid, hepatitis, tetanus and Japanese encaphalitis.

Passport and Visa

All nationalities are required to have visa getting into Laos, Visa is usually delivered by Lao Embassies, which require the original passport and 2 photos for two full working days in order to stamp the visa. Visas obtained upon arrival can be issued immediately at any international border gates, which stated quoted US$ 30.00 per person. However, the procedure of getting of visa will be change from time to time.